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Noelle Presnell 

Certified Dog Trainer

I have been a certified pet dog trainer since 2011. My career started unbeknownst to me as a young girl with my personal dogs. Specifically, a problem Rottweiler named Killian. He had a myriad of behavioral issues I had to navigate with minimal training experience. The behavioral issues I had to tackle with him include, dog aggression, food aggression, human and dog leash reactivity (Lunging and barking on leash), and constant guarding within the home. While training with Killian's issues, I began fostering and working with rescues with problem dogs, specifically Rottweilers. I have a passion for "Hard Breeds." I began working at sports dog training facility that honed my skills. Sports dogs created a passion for competition and gave me a new insight for a unique way to train dogs. This insight was reading how human body language translated to dog body language. My training is admittedly very different techniques from many other trainers in the business. My training centers around giving your pet a "job" variation from the sports training community. 

Lauren LeDoux

Service Dog Trainer 

I have been a certified dog trainer since 2008. My career started at your local big box company. I really enjoyed the bond that I saw blooming between people and their pets. Recently I've fallen in love with competition dog sports! My dog Ravioli and I compete in many dog sports but our favorite is AKC Rally Obedience. We've gotten pretty good at it, we have gone to AKC Rally National Championships two years in a row! Currently we are half way to having our champion title. It's a long road, we have been honored to be awarded our novice, advanced, excellent, masters and rally advanced excellent title, but we can't wait for that championship title! 


Ravioli is very special and also works as my service dog. Most people see her as a small scruffy mutt and don't think that she can actually be a service dog. She's here to tell everyone that service dogs come in all sizes. She is very intune with me and most of the time knows what I need before I do. 


Ravi isn't isn't first dog I've trained to be a service dog, I specialize in PTSD service dog training. Things I enjoy teaching are to; Push/buttons or switches(lights, lamps, wall switches),  open and close doors(cabinets, fridge, room doors), interrupt unwanted behaviors( picking finger, skin/leg shaking/face picking), retrieveal of items(meds bag ect), block your back, cover your front, continuously circle to make a perimeter of space around you, tuck under chair or bench in a restaurant, put items in a box(trash, dirty clothes) carry items, public access.

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